Freitag, 26. Oktober 2007

A little note on my reading habits

No, I don't read five books at the same time. Although I wish I could. At times I just have one book started and read it, and then start the next. I remember someone on the forum having a signature like 'Reading just one book is like eating just one piece of chocolate." But actually I like to focus on one book at a time. It's just that the required reading for classes has overrun me a little. I started the Dickens, when I got accepted for the masters programme. (Why do I always want to spell master with a capital m? Master looks so much better to me.)

So I had to get a couple of books for classes, one being Hamlet (finished), one being Angels and Insects by A.S. Byatt (finished), and Nights at the Circus. Now I've found out that we will discuss Nights at the Circus in February, and Jack Maggs in November, so I started reading that one yesterday. I'll probably also read Great Expectations, if I can get one of the Penguin Popular Editions, because they are related somehow. (Having read either yet, I can't really say anything about it.) I started on Henry James, because it's October and I wanted to read a ghost story, but now I find it so scary, I can hardly read it in the evening. (Did I hear anybody laughing at me?)

Well, and the Auden... I want to read more poetry in general. And I love Auden's poems. So anybody want to do me a favour, give me Whitman, Eliot, Frost, and whomever else you can come up with. Poetry is always good. (Oh! I really want something by Elizabeth Bishop. Gotta update the Amazon Book list.)

OMG. Everyman's Library Pocket Poets. I might develop a habit there.