Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2007

Oh, go strike yourself!

I blogged a little this afternoon:

Guess what. I am sitting at Berlin Hauptbahnhof at Pizza Hut, I finally have eaten something today, and now, waiting for the train, I've decided to blog about todays' madness of this roaring city before I go home into the quiet of my wonderful village of 75 inhabitants.

It took me more than an hour to get from university to the station. On a normal day it's about half an hour. But if you're taking the freaking bus that has to stop at every station because everyone is taking the bus today, it inevitably takes a little longer. The other half of Berlin (those who refused to take the bus) have apparently decided to use their own cars and further contribute to the cramming of the streets. It is sheer madness out there. I had old people looking at me because I dared to occupy a seat on the bus. Oh, of course I could have stood somewhere perched with my three bags until they weigh me down so much that I am as small as Kylie Minogue.

And anyway, who the hell goes shopping on a day when the traffic system is halfway broken down? I really don't get it. But then on the other hand, I'm trying to go home via train today. Anyway, the most furious thing I saw was a woman banging on the windows of the bus because it didn't wait for her. She must really have been in a hurry. The funniest was trying to get onto a bus with about a hundred other people at the same time. Well, I won that one. Three years of having to take the bus with all the other students finally paid out.

At the station itself things are rather relaxed I tend to think. People sit, eat, drink, wait for their trains. The only difference is the board showing how many trains have been cancelled. But stay tuned for the second part of the madness.

--- and no madness followed. My train was on time, I got home without problems. So... thank you, Deutsche Bahn.

For now.

Oh, BTW, my books arrived. I finally bought the Everyman's Poems Edition of W.H. Auden's poems that I've wanted since the first time I laid eyes on that beautiful book.