Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2007

Angels and Insects

Since I have so many novels to read this term, and I'm reading all the time anyway, I thought that I should write down my thoughts on what I read. I tried that before, but somehow I always forgot. Anyways, it will be only a really short review, and I will dare to judge giving up to ten points. Ohhhhh. So today's book:

Angels and Insects by A. S. Byatt
The book consists actually of two novellas that are very loosely linked. The first, Morpho Eugenia, is about a young man, an adventurer and observer of nature, who marries into a rich family. It is also a mosaic of different discourses about religion, nature, creation, evolution and analogies between the human world and nature. This is where the focus is, the plot of the young man can be told in two sentences. The second novella, The Conjugial Angel, is about a group of people who do seances in order to speak with the dead. Religious topics are included here as well, ghost stories, the question how much is real and what do the participants just imagine is discussed. One of the main topics is how long has a widow to mourn for her husband? All her life? Or is it appropriate to marry again? This novella is more a mosaic of different persons and their lives including that of Lord Alfred Tennyson and the background of his poem In Memoriam.

It took me a while to get through the novel, because there is actually not much plot but a lot of notions, ideas, feelings. It still was not a bad read. 6 out of 10 butterflies.