Freitag, 2. November 2007

Credit? Bitch, please.

Surfing through icon communities and snatching bits here and there I just remembered I wanted to blog about the crediting madness that goes on there. Just to make it clear, most of the icons that I use here were not created by me. The one in the Angels and Insects post is the only exception so far, and if I have some time on my hands I will devote it to icon-making because I'm a rather visual person, and I like messing with pictures and colours.

But one thing that I don't understand is the "Oh, I have icons! But if you use them, credit!"-thing going on. First of all, I have no idea from whom and where I've snatched all these things, and I find it a waste of my time and my computer's space to try to keep it in mind. Most things I use are scenes from serials or movies. Those scenes where thought up by a writer, visualized by cameraperson and directer, shot using actors and a team, then aired and screenshot by someone. And then someone comes along, downloads the picture, cuts out a chunk of it, calls it an icon and wants credit for an icon that is really a collaborative effort in which he or she just had the last (and I dare say) easiest part. If I'd want to credit I'd have to credit all the persons involved in creating the picture in the first place.

This might sound rather harsh, but I just had a look at a couple of icons that had an "Don't use as bases!" written underneath, and some of those icons just cried out for a bit of text. So what shall I do, search the picture, make the exact same cut again and put text into it, if I want to? I don't see the point. We are all doing this for fun, to deal a bit further with a fandom that we enjoy. I would see it differently if someone went out, took his or her own photos, uploaded them and made icons from them, because then the whole thing is actually his or her own work. There are also some extremely lovely icons about that were made with a lot of care and work. Credit where credit is due. So, to all the people creating icons out there: you're doing a wonderful job giving me a good laugh or making me squee looking at the icons you made.

Gosh, I should really go to bed, instead of ranting on and on.