Freitag, 9. November 2007

The dying of the light...

Halleluja, choir of angels and trumpet flourish! We got back our internet access yesterday, just in time for my day off. So I just spent the last two hours watching David Tennant's Video Diary from Series 3 of Doctor Who, and I enjoyed that very much, and now I will do something useful and read my texts for class on Monday. If I don't fall asleep again. My good mood just crumbled away though. No particular reason for that... okay, music from Ally McBeal is not really the cheeriest thing to listen too.

I tried to be a bit productive at least, but to be honest today is my weekend. I'll have to work 20 hours during the next two days, so I kind of want to spend today doing some nice things. And if I feel melancholy I just want to revel in it for a while, sit in a room lit by candles and stare out of the window into the storm.