Samstag, 17. November 2007

I want my Photoshop!!!

I'm just waiting for my computer to finish something and I was in the mood for a new visual representation after the Doomsday look consisting of these:

Today I didn't have anything to do, so I went on reading Great Expectations, which is fastly becoming one of my favourite books, and downloaded a thousand pictures. I thought, well let's make a new sig and ava. And then I realized: I have no Photoshop on the computer. I just haven't got around installing it yet. (During the last six month. Yeah, I now. Remember the soap dispenser?) But now I really wanted the new sig, so I decided to try Paint. OMG. I so want my photoshop. Cutting the picture was not that difficult. But there is no sizing tool. At least not a proper one. I had to calculate percentages. And manually adjust the frame size. No lovely colour grading, no brushes... hell, I'm no expert using photoshop, but it does make (fangirl-)life a lot easier. After the new sig I was too exhausted for a new ava, so I'll be using one that I snatched for while. Until I sit in front of the other computer and have time to make my own.

BTW, taking your dog for a walk and stamp through the mud is just brilliant. The air is so clear here, the trees are just always beautiful... I just want to buy me some old farmhouse around here and want to become the strange lady that lives outside the village and that children are afraid of.