Montag, 12. November 2007

Just for once I want to work with professionals.

As the forum still doesn't work, I'll have to rant about my workday here. First of all: how the hell did I get myself to do that every freaking weekend? The only thing youd o in that theatre is standing. All the time, with hardly a break for 9 hours. During the frist show I had the feeling my feet started to gnaw off my toes. During the interval of the second show I had the feeling they were done with the toes and started to work up their way to my knees. The guests were really strange today to. But Sunday audiences tend to be.

And just for once I want to do the math afterwords and have no money missing, nothing calculated wrong and everything just alright. I mean the prices are a bit weird, and after nine hours it is kinda hard to calculate everything in your head, but it just would be nice to know whether there is a minus because you did something wrong, your collegue did something wrong, or the person messed up completely the day before, which was the cause today, and made me stay about an hour longer, because we just couldn't reconstruct what the hell that person thought about yesterday. Probably about the drink after work. I'm back in that theatre next Monday (Weekend Home with capital letters!) and let's see how things work out then. If I have the shop that is.

Ouch, my feet. At least the rash on my face that I got yesterday at the other theatre look much better today.