Donnerstag, 1. November 2007

Now, that's what I call efficient.

About ... a year ago I noticed that the soap dispenser in the bathroom was almost empty. So I thought "Well, I gotta buy new soap. Just not today, because today I have other stuff to do." Months came and went and I squeezed the last bit of soap out of that dispenser. I kinda sucked it dry to it's last drop. Some weeks ago the poor thing finally gave up. So last Friday, when I was buying water at the drugstore, I remembered the poor soap dispenser on my washstand and went over to buy some soap. And I decided to buy some simple old-school piece of soap, no fluid soap in a dispenser. My old dispenser has to be remembered properly, I can't just replace it with a new one! So after five minutes of contemplation I chose a piece of soap (milk and honey), paid and went.

This piece of soap has been sitting on the table in my room until earlier today, when I managed to carry it the five metres to the bathroom and unpack it. What had kept me so long, you might ask, from taking it earlier to the bathroom? I don't have a soap dish. Never had one, and the ones in the shop where just ugly and/or too expensive. Maybe I manage to buy one in a year or so. I am afraid that will be one of those things where I'll always go "Oh no, not this month, I don't know how much money I have this month." I guess I'm just closefisted* there. Thank God I'm faster with buying shampoo or shower gel.

* Wow, how many words for German 'geizig' are there? Really hard to pick one here.