Sonntag, 25. November 2007

Ouch. AGAIN!!!

Today, we add physical pain to the usual stuff. Ouch, my feet. Ouch, my back. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Ushering people really can be exhausting. But the more you move, the better you are. So I'll stop whining now and just go and take a nice hot shower.

BTW, the icon --- I used my photoshop. Well, just to size it down so I can use it on the forum. So again, not my work. Anyway I picked it, because that was the look I gave one of the Blue Men last night, and he responded with exactly the same look. Just without the smile. (Not to mention David Tennant looking absolutely gogeus in that pic. *fangirl*) But the way he approached me then coming up the stairs in strobe light reminded me extremely of "Blink". It felt like I was blinking, only that the lights just went out for a second, and when they turned up again, menacing Blue Man was closer. I actually took a step back. I just couldn't figure out until just now of what it reminded me.