Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2007

Finally an update!

And finally I've gotten around to updating the reading list. Reviews of the stuff I'm finished with (and 3:10 to Yuma which I watched yesterday) are maybe posted during the Christmas break. Very much depending on my mood and how fast I am with reading the stuff for my next classes. Today I threw Lacan on Hamlet aside after about 5 pages.

So, the long pause in writing occured because I was terribly busy on the one hand (my brother and sister-in-law visited and we spent the last week roaming Christmas markets--- many of them) and because I had a terrible cold during the last couple of days (one market too much, I suppose). Now my head has stopped feeling like it's packed into cotton and I even start to hear things again. Not to mention thinking in a halfway straight line again. Apart from that I can't output (yes, that is a word) without input and I didn't have that much of an input lately. Now I had, my head feels stuffed and I need to write. Just no reviews today.

So, I did most of the Christmas shopping today, and there is actually only one present missing which I will hopefully buy tomorrow. I mailed out two packages today, as well, and tomorrow night I'll visit M. after class, get free food and hand out presents in return. Apart from that I will try to either appear not to be there during my classes tomorrow because I am completely unprepared or try to make my professor believe I know exactly what he's talking about as I am completely unprepared for my classes. And no, I won't prepare anything today anymore. I don't want to think about Lacan's psychoanalist readings of Hamlet just right now. I have a distinct feeling it would ruin the Christmas spirit I'm in right now. (No, I'm not talking about alcohol.)

So, apart from the book update, a new fandom! As if I didn't have enough already. Well, the forum got me hooked again. I accidently stumbled over Season 2 of SGA, watched that in two days, proceeded with Season 3 (apart from a few episodes) and finished the first half of Season 4 today. Really like it. Can't even begin to describe what I love about it. And as I said, no reviews today. And I realized why everyone thinks I'm Canadian when they hear me speaking English. Thinking about my accent I realized I sound pretty Canadian for someone who has never had contact with a Canadian accent. Don't ask me how that happened. But I sound like Rodney.

And now, I guess, I'll figure out a new header for the blog. I'm so torn between fandoms right now, I think I'll have to go for something neutral this time. Probably.