Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2007

Ooohhhh, creativity! Shiny!

Before I go to bed I thought I should make sure that I don't forget juggling some ideas for my term paper tomorrow. Others write themselves notes, or tattoo things into their skin so they won't forget, I use the blog.

The thing is, my professor suggested we do some fictional writing instead of the usual boring theoretical term paper, and I pretty much like the idea. I also have a back-up plan (the two Doctor Who episodes dealing with Victorian times) but finally writing something fictional within my worktime is pretty tempting. I just don't know if I can squeeze enough out of my brain, but I'd like to try.

Apart from that I think the 30-hour day should be invented so that I actually have enough time for something as time-consuming as writing besides my normal schedule of studying, working, reading, watching stuff, the forum and whatever else I do that eats up so much of my time and still makes my life seem worthwhile.