Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2008

Ache! Acheacheache!

Well, there you see where my determination goes. I decided not to go to Kung Fu practice because I know it's not a good idea to arrive in the middle of class. Apart frm that I still have to read 90 pages of Arthur and George for tomorrow, so it would have turned out a bit stressful. In intend (yeah, again) to go next Tuesday. Then I can be on time and discuss with the Sihing whether it's useful at all to attend Kuen training even I can't do much more until the semester break. But I *need* to do something. I did about 20 minutes workout yesterday, just some basic warm-up stuff and I ache. I had noticed the flabbiness of what had been muscles until a year ago, but it is actually worse than I imagined. And thinking about all this I actually become very self-conscious and we know where that leads. So, I need to stop thinking and worrying and just go and do it.

Something completely different: Heath Ledger has died. If an actor that you fangirled since you were a teenager and who is about your age suddenly dies it leaves you with a very strange feeling. I mean, there is this whole aspect of a public figure that you assume to know in some way, something that despite being a fan I always rejected. I don't know any of the actors that I am a fan of. I only knew the on-camera person. And that person showed just no hint of any suicidal tendencies in my opinion. And I can't imagine why on earth you would do something as self-destructive as drugs (in whatever way) if you have a career, a family and a child. That should give you enough of an anchor for this life. But then again, that is only my view on the senselessness and pointlessness of our existence. And I only have this one perspective. How bad must you feel, if you think this is the only way out? How bad must it be for someone? It makes it just more tragic and sad.