Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2008

A day to my liking.

Well this day certainly was very relaxed. I started at something like eleven by getting up, grabbing my laptop and settling down in the kitchen with a nice cup of coffee watching SGA and glancing at the beautiful snow that was falling outside. I have no idea if I'll ever post the things that I wrote this morning. Heavy thoughts with a heavy hangover do not make for the cheeriest reading. I had a very late brunch with my friends then and after they left I curled up on my couch alternately watching some films and dozing off. A very nice day off. Right now I'm trying to shake off the scary thoughts about all the dreadful things that might happen, because if they happen they will whether I worry or not. I guess I'm a little paranoid. Oh well.

Tomorrow should be a bit more busy than today. I'll go and buy some more food and I need to print and read a bunch of things. And I should get started on my presentation that is due in two weeks. Well, that too involves printing and reading at first.