Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2008

Did I mention how much I like Ferris wheels?

So, today was Hamlet day (again) and our discussion came at some point to the word procreation (again). I still find Lacan's reading of Hamlet highly... well horrifying is the right word I guess. And I suddenly turned out to be an expert on feminism, just because I knew the difference between feminism, women's studies and gender studies. And I am as unfeministic as a woman can get, and yet I suddenly felt I was head of the feministic movement of the class. Maybe the other girls just didn't want to piss off the professor who may say that feminism has caused some great achievements and opened up new ways of thinking, but who after all still perpetuates a rather misogynist discourse. Ecriture feminine --- bah, I find it insulting to call a certain way of writing feminine, especially when adding that one of the finest examples is a chapter of Ulysses by James Joyce. I didn't voice my opinion as clear in class, but I was on the verge. Well, I'm already bracing myself for my presentation on a feminist reading of Ophelia next week.

Something more agreeable: I thought "Well, I might go to a DVD shop today and check how much they want for a SGA Season now, because it is after Christmas, and prices are dropping a bit, and I have some money left for sure, and I so much would like to have one..." I went into the shop, went to the shelf, found Season 1, saw it was slightly cheaper than before Christmas --- and bought it. Hehe.

And tomorrow I will think about if "Hamlet in Modern Popular Television" might be a suitable topic for a term paper, or if I will deal with it in an extensive blog entry. I got examples aplenty. I just have to make some sense of them.