Dienstag, 15. Januar 2008

Evaluating people is really not my strength.

Having said that it maybe becomes understandable why I don't like doing interviews for renting out the vacant room of our flat. I tend to judge a person pretty early on in a conversation, and if there is a bad feeling then there is not much the person can do. And I get a little suspicious when things seem to go terribly easy.

About two hours ago I went online and declared that we are looking for a new flatmate. Half an hour later a girl rang asking if the room was still free. She came here another half an hour later and stayed until about ten minutes ago. She seems nice enough, she really wants to live around this area, so this place is perfect, she's got a job and intends to stay for quite a while in Berlin, she can pay the deposit all at once and she'd like to move in as fast as possible.

Whoa. She really should meet the others at the weekend.