Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2008

How does she knooooooow

Today was long and annoying and full of *pause* condescending people. I hate it if people patronize me. Happened one time too often today. Apart from that my flatmates behaved even more stupid today than usual. And I'm seriously trying not to work myself into a long rant about wasting gas and by that my hard-earned money. So today I have wanted to move out of this place even more than usual and it is not easy to interview people who want to move in if all you want to do is get away from this place.

And yes, that Rodney icon is there on purpose, firstly because people were extremely annoying today and secondly because I share Rodney's behaviour towards people who are downright stupid. And I don't care what they think about me. Okay, if I didn't it wouldn't annoy me so much I guess. But it's two very different things if I say about me I don't go out very much, or if my flatmate says about me that I don't go out. First of all, I don't go out with the people I live here with, because I honestly have seen enough of them and what they consider a good party. Sp how should they know if I go out or not? Secondly I can't even fit going to Kung Fu classes into my schedule, why should I try to fit going out in? Really there are more important things. Thirdly I have come to consider it an utter waste of money in the most cases. There are exceptions, like going to the movies, or to one of the lovely cocktail bars. Or to cut it short, I've just lost interest in clubbing, and good riddance it is.

Oh well, back to the happy place. Somebody managed to post the link to 'That's how you know' from Enchanted on Youtube, I watched it in the morning when I was already in the mood to yell at somebody and it made me laugh. And smile. In the morning when I had not had my coffee yet. Wheeee! I've watched it twelve times till now and I still smile, though not for very long. But I should see the film; I guess that would set me singing and dancing for 3 days. Another happy thing, I did my presentation today and it went with the usual interuptions by the professor but apart from that very well. And I had an idea for my paper. Really something to work upon. Proper scholarly background but writing about contemporary film. Good thing.