Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2008

The pitfalls of fashion industry or: I hate shopping.

Because of the fancy party I'm going to tomorrow, my mom ordered me to go and buy some decent clothes. So, last night I went with M. because last time it worked out pretty well and we found a bunch of nice clothes. This time however it was pure disaster. (Not because of M.) I wanted a nice girlyish skirt and maybe a blouse, or a lovely dress, and I got none of these, basically because I set up two rules (which evolved into four rules after a while): no black, no grey, no baby pink, no baby blue. All of these make me look pale, stupid and not-there, so I don't wear them. And I have enough black clothes.

We went through every gorram shop in the mall, and things either had the darkest colours on this planet or the brightest most hideous colours that make your eyes hurt. Just as some piece of advice to the fashion people: grey, dark green, dark purple and black really really make things much darker in winter. Besides I can't go to a birthday party in any of these colours. So why dont you just have some skirts in a nice shade of red or brown or, if you want to be daring, in some light yellow? It will be spring soon after all, so be a bit more daring. Second advice: if you do make dresses with wide flowing skirts that reach the floor, or even cute shorter dresses then don't use any of those hippie-I-gotta-cram-as-much-oranments-onto-it-as-possible-fabrics, that ruin a beautiful dress with a horrible pattern and even more horrible colours. Just one colour and some cute details is more than enough, everything else distracts the person seeing you from looking into your eyes, and makes you look like a 70s wallpaper. Thirdly: it's winter for Pete's sake! Put sleeves on your dresses! Better luck next year then.

And what do I learn out of this? Firstly I'll have too improvise something out of my old wardrobe. Secondly I'll have to imitate Giselle and make clothes out of my curtains.


Actually my curtains have the right colour to go as a nice dress over my red blouse. Then again, I need my curtains. But, at least I found some nice shoes. I saw them, I tried them on, I bought them. And they are cute as can be. M. observed at that point that I am more a hunter than a gatherer when it comes to shopping.