Sonntag, 6. Januar 2008

Ice! Ice?

My day was long and painful, full of taking bottles out, putting bottles back in, taking bottles back, handing bottles out and getting new bottles again. And not one of them was a lovely bottle of chardonnay just for myself. *pouts* Walking home turned a little into sliding home. We had ice rain during the day, and all the sidewalks look very shiny --- and can break your neck. Not mine fortunately but I walked very slow. And now I'm home and I discover that the forum doesn't work. Well, I already feared the internet in general wouldn't work, because they always cut it on the 5th or 6th if The Girl In The Pink Room doesn' pay the bill. But the rest of the web is still here luckily.

And to end with something positive: Yesterday I accidently bent my key in the lock. (No, that is not the positive thing.) Today I got it fixed, so I ask the guy at the shop, how much I owe him, and he says "Just a smile." Awwww.