Freitag, 11. Januar 2008

Inspiration. Shiny!

So, I took a walk today, pondering the question what I was gonna do about my paper. The one for which I don't have a topic yet, and for which our professor suggested we could do some fictional writing instead the usual academic stuff. This has been going through my mind since she mentioned it. I really hate to spend an incredible amount of time writing something that eventually will earn me a grade and then no one's ever going to read it again. Academic writing is pretty sucky as such. Writing my BA thesis was hell because I knew it would be read and then forgotten. Apart from that I've wanted to do some fictional writing for some time now but it is a bit hard to fit in with work and classes. So here I have the opportunity to do some fictional writing even for class. The walk today cleared my head in so far that I decided that I am going to try it. I have a basic idea, I'll have to do quite a bit of research, but I'm set. And in the end it just came down to the question "What do you want to do?" Once that was settled the idea was suddenly there.

I do have a backup-plan, mind you. I don't like working just into the blue. But I think I'll go through with this. It is what I want.