Sonntag, 6. Januar 2008

The key to success is compress not diffuse.

I just have to state that Be all my sins remembered is a damn good episode. The ending just completely blew me away. And if anyone hasn't seen it yet, I recommend you don't read on because that could really spoil it.

That outfit! I am allowed to do that, I am a girl. ;) And then Sheps voice going all squeaky talking to Larrin? How cute! And Ronon and Teyla, again, so cute! I'm sorry, I kinda just remember the squeeing moments right now. I also loved Carter telling Ellis of, and FRAN, and is there anything about it I didn't like? Well, Shep and Teyla, but that was probably intended. Well, we'll see where that goes. The battle was brilliant, but at times I just thought "Why the hell are Rodney and the others staying on the planet? Do they have to stay there?" I found the cut Wraith-negotiation kinda puzzling. I just don't know, maybe they didn't want to have another haggling-explaining scene and decided to just cut it short. It definitely worked because it stepped up the pace, but it felt a bit puzzling. But overall it was just a very good episode. (After that ending it is very hard to say something else.)

So, sorry, this is all very incoherent, but actually my brain got fried today and I'd like to go to sleep but The Girl In The Pink Room is watching TV so loudly that I can hear it. So I guess I'll just do the same.