Dienstag, 29. Januar 2008

Panic! Paaaniiiic!

In about two hours I gotta leave for the Kung Fu studio for (hopefully) m first class in about three years. And now I'm starting to panic. Will I find it? Will people be nice? Will I even survive the first 5 minutes? What's the teacher going to be like? Will he even agree to let me join the Tuesday class until I can join the Wednesday or Friday classes? I'll have to take part in the beginner's classes for a while to re-learn all the stuff that I have forgotten. Ohhhh, I am so nervous.

Until now I've kept my mind busy with work. I started to prepare my two presentations next week which will both be only five minutes long so.. haha. I even found a shortcut for the Monday thing on Jekyll and Hyde. I won't be able to make it to the library, I just dont have the time, so I will focus on the history of repesentation instead because it is something I can research on the internet. The professor won't like it, but I'll just have to excuse it with time constraints.

So... what am I going to read now? Mwah. *scared*