Samstag, 12. Januar 2008

Ready for take-off.

I was just pondering the idea to create a second blog for... let's say more work-in-progress things. I'm trying to organize my thoughts about the stuff I work my way through a bit. I started with some research today, and I don't have any book around to take handwritten notes. Then again, I have a horrible handwriting, so if I take handwritten notes there is a possible danger of not being able to read anything that I write down. Apart from that my typing speed copes a bit better with my thinking speed than my writing speed. Handwriting longer things becomes sometimes pretty frustrating for me, which is the reason why all my diary writing has turned into blogging.

The thing is, this blog would be visible for no one except me. And what is the use of blogging on the internet, if no one is able to see it? That's a bit like the tree in the forest. Does it matter if it falls if nobody is there to witness it? So... any thoughts and comments? I'm just trying to figure out if there is any use of a non-public blog to write down ideas and such... or do the good old paper notes do the job?

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Also ich hab auch ein 2. Blog, das nur ich lesen kann. Ich war eine zeitlang auf der Suche nach einer brauchbaren Offline-(Web)log-Software, aber da ich nichts Passendes gefunden habe, hab ich einfach ein Online-Blog gewählt und es nicht freigegeben. Wohl nicht ganz im Sinne des Erfinders, aber was soll's...