Sonntag, 27. Januar 2008

Sleepy Sunday

Hey, my flatmates actually took that little note to themselves serious and cleaned. I am ... amazed!

I actually figured out, why I have been feeling like crap the last couple of days. I have a slight cold, one of those that does not really break out, so I have hardly any symptoms, I just feel like crap. Last night I started sneezing like mad and this morning I didn't feel too hot either, but now after an afternoon of watching First Knight sleeping all the way through First Knight I feel better. Aaaand: my brother brought me some food from mom. The first decent food I've had in a week. My mom has to teach me how to make that certain salad, and I'll have to get up my lazy arse and actually make some decent food for myself when I'm here.

And now I'll turn to Ethan Hawke as Hamlet and watch a film for class.