Dienstag, 29. Januar 2008

Turning panic to pain takes more than taking just one letter away.

It takes an hour of Kung Fu training. As I expected *before* I panicked it was really good. People were nice, I found the place pretty well, and I got through the hour of training. But I don't think I can do much more than one hour at the moment.

The best thing was my start into the session because it was so me. We played some foot-and-hands-badminton, kicking a shuttlecock around, the thing flies in my direction, I aim, miss impressively, gravity does its work and I find myself on the floor. I know I tried to hit it just with one leg but a part of me must have thought I can fly. Everyone goes like "OMGTHATMUSTHURT", but I get up, laugh and go on. I mean, this could have ended pretty ugly, but it didn't so I just laughed. I am tempted to take a pillow to class tomorrow though, because I landed really hard on the left side of my butt, and that hurts pretty bad.

So, next training next week, and then lets see how expensive joining and everything is, and from when on I can train on Fridays and Wednesdays. The best thing is the fitness thing though. That's the reason I want to got to Tuesday training until I can go to the other sessions. And I so want to go on Wednesdays because then I get to learn Eskrima. And now I'll get back to watching Jane Eyre.