Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2008

Well, I like to close my eyes and think of England.

This day was filled with lots of sleep, actually going shopping, reading Foucault (and even understanding some of it), and watching so many different things I can hardly remember what it all was. Let me think... SGA: Rising, Stargate Season 8 New Order, Top Gear with David Tennant, the first half of The Princess Bride and The Return from SGA again. And now, to top it off, the rest of Sabrina (with my most beloved Harrison Ford) is on the telly, and I'll watch it as I settle into my bed and finish off this day, now that the high-pitched laughter and screaming at most annoying frequencies from my flatmate's room have subsided. Thank God for that, at times I just wished my eardrums would split so I wouldn't have to hear any more of it, or they might choke on something and that would make them shut up. Vianne suggested threatening them with spoons, but they would have understood neither the threat nor the joke. Would have been a waste of a perfectly good movie quote. But bless it, now quietness reigns. Yay.