Montag, 18. Februar 2008

Aaaand here we go again.

So, after holding on through the rest of the semester and work and the party yesterday, apparently my body suggests that I should get some rest. It actually makes its case pretty convincingly. And I hate it for doing this because I don't now what exactly is wrong, only that I feel kinda queasy and not too good and tired, and then I start panicking getting the idea that maybe I have something really serious and then my heart does this strange 'Thumpthump'-thing and I panic even more and at some point I will be hyperventilating again. Well, at least I'm giving my mother a reason to worry now.

So I have been lying on the couch and watching The 4400 during the afternoon to take my mind off the strange things my body is doing because it usually helps which suggests to me that this is really just happening in my head. I'll get myself checked next week though when I'm back in Berlin because it's time for the yearly check-up anyway. And yes, I do hate it to sound like an old woman who goes from doctor from doctor and has a thousand ailments but this thing kinda gets stuck in your head. So an now to the important and agreeable thing of the day: I have been watching The 4400 very selectively, means I selected episodes that interest me actor-wise. And you can guess now which I am watching and which I am just reading about. :-)