Sonntag, 3. Februar 2008


I think today I am not capable of writing anything sensible. I could write about the visit to the flea market this morning, but it was rather uneventful. Exept that my mother bought a cup along with saucer and plate that I had found. I am very fond of old coffee dishes in white or ivory with orange decoration on it. I am quite determined to collect at least twelve of these.

I could also write about my frustration when I hoped to watch some nice old film this afternoon. But there was just carnival junk on. I am so glad when carnival is over on Wednesday. I could write a review about Northanger Abbey that I watched instead this afternoon. Or I could post the recipe for the salad I made afterwards. But ... I am not in the mood to write about these things today because tomorrow I'll have to go back to this dreadful place and get two more weeks of studying over with. And this week is going to be pretty horrible and even the thought of it literally makes me feel breathless.

I'll just close my eyes and think of England.

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amanda james hat gesagt…

thank you...i know all that,but still...;-)