Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2008

I declare ...

... this semester officially over. Yay!!! :choirs.of.angels: Which means I now have sufficient time to sort my SGA icons into a better system than hundreds of icons into the same folder write two papers, work and do... important things. Like sorting my icons.

I also declare that question 17 of the meme is very officially missing. If you want to, just make something up. Be creative. So inspired by SGA episode 17 of season 3:

17. Which is your favourite day of the week?
Sunday. Because by now it is the official day of the week that I don't work and just have to myself.

So, enough with the official things. Unofficially I'll say that I'll write something about the experiences of my first semester as a masters students* later. I guess. And I'll maybe even write about academics and Hollywood. Maybe.

* Okay, hands up everyone who read something else than masters. Even I thought at first I wrote somebody's name that I would really like to study *coughs* a little closer.