Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2008

"Is there any citrus in this?"

Thanks to my infernally bad health and some slightly rodneyesque character traits of mine (and unfortunately I don't have an infirmary in the basement) I skipped my second class today and went to the doctor after I was in quite a bit of chest pain during my first class. Yes, my body has decided to trip me up again and make me go home. Luckily only the rodneyesque streak is responsible for the pain. I got treated to an ECG and nothing showed up there, although the whole procedure reminded me a little of an electric chair, me being hooked up to so many wires.

The funny thing is, I don't even have to consciously make up illnesses to get a sick certificate. My subconscious does the job for me. Of course I had not finished reading the text for my second class, so it didn't make any sense to go there anyway. But I have to say I have been feeling like crap the whole day, so I'll just relax and read for the rest of the day. And finally eat something.