Montag, 4. Februar 2008

"Orcs! And so far from Auckland!"

So here we are again. I really have to get out of this city. I come here and turn melancholy and I don't know what to do with myself and I am frustrated.

Erm anyways. I just watch LotR bloopers and laughed my heads off mostly about what Ian McKellen said. And in a second I will watch some SGA or Enterprise actually to divert my thoughts from the usual gloominess that overcomes me when I'm here.

BTW it is funny how everybody suddenly wakes up when you talk about films in a seminar. We are all so passionate about them, it is really funny. I did a short presentation on the history of Jekyll and Hyde adaptations today, and it was ery funny how people reacted. I mean the history in itself is already very interesting. Jekyll and Hyde was adapted for the theatre a year after it was published and changed significantly. In the early films we suddenly see what the evil things are that Hyde does, something that is very vague in the book. Usually there is a very strong sexual content up to the 1931 film, the last Jekyll and Hyde film before the Hays Code was enforced. Jekyll is suddenly killed by his friend instead of taking his own life in the 40s, in the 50s he's parodied, in the 70s Hyde turns female, in the 90s we see the story through the eyes of Jekylls maid; the myth becomes popularized with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and with a musical version of the story, and there has been a BBC six-parter last year and will be an American version probably this year or next. The whole story is extremely present and it is very interesting to see it change over this period of time. And it was fun to see the reaction of everybody.

Well, that was my day.