Freitag, 8. Februar 2008


I decided because I am ill and feeling rather terrible, drinking tea and not doing anything for my papers anyway I could as well do something that makes me feel better and so four hours ago I threw "North and South" into the DVD player. And now I'm sighing happily at the thought of yellow roses and meetings at train stations. Haaaaach.

And the book just made it onto my Amazon wishlist. Since I can finally read something that I want to read and do not have to read for class from next week onwards, I have been collecting ideas (and occasionly books as well) the whole semester already. So, next week. After finishing at least two of the books on my reading list.

Uhh, before I forget: Darciana's icon. (You are the only one that I will credit. ;-))

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Anonym hat gesagt…

What can I say I that I haven't said yet? I have a huge grin on my face. And if N&S could make you forget how bad you're feeling, at least for a while, I'm quite happy.

I've already read the novel. It's different in many ways, and I like the mini series better, but it's still worth reading. The description of Thornton fits Richard Armitage more or less perfectly. He was the ideal choice.

You are the only one that I will credit.

You don't have to. I hardly care about credits as far as icons are concerned, but I feel honoured. :o)