Samstag, 2. Februar 2008

That is so ...!

I just took a walk with my dog because after some rain in the afternoon the sky had cleared and there was going to be a really nice sunset. We walked over to the next village, the air was wonderfully fresh and clean, and the sun was setting the sky on fire. Suddenly I hear this screaming of some hundreds birds from one of the meadows nearby and then the noise of a lot of wings flapping, and a hundred ducks take of and soar the sky heading in to my direction. And I think "This is really beautiful, the sunset and the birds before it, and this soaring noise of so many wings! I never heard this before, this is beautiful!"

Then the birds are above me and my dog, and for a split second I think about how I got shat upon by a dove when I was a child. (Mostly I remembered how my brother laughed at me.) Then there's a new sound, a very distinct "Thud!". And another three thuds follow in quick succession and pretty close. And before I can even do anything or go anywhere a "Thud!" hits my arm.

Well, I am one of the privileged people to know that ducks' crap is still green as grass.