Sonntag, 3. Februar 2008

This feels weird.

Life becomes very surreal in certain conversations. I just discussed my brother's habits and the difficulties of sharing a house with my mother, and I ended up defending my brother to a certain degree. I advocated the right of the child to make his or her mistakes and learn from them - even if the child is 30 years old and I am five years younger. But I have been living on my own for a couple of years now, and I have made a lot of mistakes and turned each of them into something good. So at least I know what I am talking about.

But there is one thing that I forgot in my defence for my brother. My mom pays for this house. For everything. My brother only pays his share of electricity and water and so on, but no rent. So my mom has in a way a right to point out mistakes to my brother, because technically it's all hers. But my mother is not the most diplomatic person. And my brother tends to get always the worst part of her criticism, the "You did this wrong" instead of the "Maybe it might have been better if you did this instead of that". At bad times, when my nerves are on edge, I only take away the criticism as well instead of the constructive part.

I liked the conversation though. My mom has often very fixed view points of things and I see both sides of the story in certain things. I see that my mom is still getting too much involved in what they do upstairs, when she always claims that she does not want to be involved. But some things just can't be taught, they have to be learned.

And the second completely unrelated note: I am turning into a Weir fan and I want her back. Hmpf.