Samstag, 23. Februar 2008

Why did nobody tell me about the hurricane?

About an hour ago the storm cut my internet connection through two short power outages right in the middle of the latest Lost episode. Well, thank you very much. At least it was not in the middle of the sexy Sawyer-sequence. Who actually said men with glasses and books were not sexy?

Well I used the time for some reading. The pile of books still to read is just growing and growing, in next week I'll add to it by buying the books I need to read for the next semester. And maybe one or two from Rory's reading list. And now I should go to bed, the night is going to be relatively short. But to be honest I am discovering something liberating about the night again. At about midnight I stop being nervous and quiet down again.

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amanda james hat gesagt…

can you send me the rory-list?and how can i find out about the list of "holiday".you know, the one cameron d. wants to read in her days off...thank you

amanda james hat gesagt…

guess what...david presenting a brit award!!!cool kid!and to kylie!!!cool brit chic(both)...oh,kylies aussie-sorry