Montag, 10. März 2008

How time flies...

Watching Star Wars last night kinda made me go back in time a little to when I watched it the first time. So instead of writing my paper now I have taken another trip down memory lane and dug up my old blog that I wrote from 2004 to 2006. It was the time when I decided to quit studying and try something else, although had no idea whatsoever what it was going to be. But I was confident everything would work out just fine. It is this attitude that I lost during the last one and a half years of my BA studies, but I'm finding it again. Though slowly. I realized that even at the time when my mother thought I was a failure, I didn't lose faith in myself. There were other people who didn't care if I was going to quit studying but who trusted I would be good at something. There were things I was good at because I cared about them. Kung Fu played a big role and I'm really glad I started again now. It feels awfully good to be appreciated, to have somebody say to you: "Well done!" It is something I need, something that motivates me to go further, test my limits and not be afraid to fail at something.

There is also a lot of bragging about work. It is nice to read in one way because it shows how passionate I was about the job when I started and how passionate I still am in some ways. But also, it is not that important to me anymore. It's not like I need it anymore like I needed it back then. Work is usually nice, and talking to someone at the theatre is nice if it's happening, but it has lost its importance.

I also realized that since I came to Berlin my eating habits are just this crappy. Gosh it's a wonder I have survived until now eating like I do. I'm gonna go and fix me up some food before I go to work in half an hour.