Samstag, 1. März 2008

Hurricane again? WTF?

If anyone wants to explain to me why I am already awake please feel free and go ahead. I actually woke up two hours ago but managed to doze off again until seven. And right now as I'm sitting here I feel like I could go back to sleep again. So coffee or sleep, that is the question. Apart from that, who ordered this blasted storm outside? It's wet and annoying, so please send it back.

2 Kommentare:

amanda james hat gesagt…

so, you're not working today?well,at least not at any theatre? and concerning the hurricane:could it be it followed you around here? wasn't there a hurricane as you where at home?but it's not that stormy as the weatherman said it will be.maybe there's hope?

Purslane hat gesagt…

I work at the Bluemax. Or better: I'll fall asleep at the Bluemax today.

And if that storm is called Emma I don't want it following me around. I'm perfectly happy with that tiny little raincloud that is following me already.