Freitag, 21. März 2008

Storm. Again?

Apparently there are two rules about this day: it storms and I have a cold. But I'll let none of the two bother me too much. Instead I just watched some scenes from Star Wars on YT (still don't have the DVDs). Good way to start this day, an overdose of Harrison Ford.

So the days of me being 25 are over. And I am one of the persons who is happy about every year that passes. I don't know why really. I am just content I think with where I am. Life's interesting, nice, exciting, fresh and annoying all at the same time, so no way I go sulk about a number. Instead I'll eat a lot, talk a lot and get drunk a lot. And probably with my neighbours I'll have lots of company for that. The preparations for the feast are going very well, my mom and I are finished with the cakes and halfway through preparing dinner. No problem to get that finished tomorrow.

And I'll just enjoy some more of my wine before I head to bed.