Samstag, 1. März 2008

Toe! Ouch! Toe!

So I haven't been writing for a couple of days as I was trying to re-adjust to crappy city life when I'd rather be somewhere else. Sadly enough I somehow have to earn my rent and that involves being here. So... what has happened? I started to clean the room. I'm working my way counter-clockwise through it and I started with the desk today. I can tell you there is really a lot of space if you clear everything off this desk. It just looks marvelous. I still gotta make a nice little video of it tomorrow when there is better light again. You won't believe it.

What else... if anybody is wondering what to give me for my birthday - I want an ironing board. A real one, one that you actually can adjust to the right heigth and that is big enough to iron a tablecloth on if need be. Along with the ironing board I'd also have a normal life with a normal sleeping and eating rhythm. I had that for the last week and it felt really nice. So I'm working on making that happen.

I went to buy most of the books for next semester. The top of the reading list is not one of them, but a book that I've been wanting to read for quite a while and that I really like so far. I am also going to change the layout of the blog yet again, I think on Sunday if I manage to transfer the photos I scanned at home from laptop to the computer to photoshop them a bit because my camera is thirty years old and makes nice pictures but only in the correct amount of lighting. Which reminds me I could try picking up the photos I took during my walks at home last week and see if there's anything useful in that batch. So, new header and new colour scheme ahead.

And last but not least: my toe aches pretty bad because someone jumped on it at kung fu practice today. (Remember, I don't wear any shoes there while almost everybody else does.) I went through the rest of training though, but now it hurts pretty bad. Oh well, as long as it doesn't turn black it doesn't matter. And after practice I managed to pick up a bottle of white wine, chocolate and some tortilla chips (the spicy ones), so it can't be that bad. The toe is still attached after all.

Ohh, watch out for a Series Quotes Meme that I'm putting together as soon as I have the time to go through myriads of quotes from all the stuff that I watch. Today I had Men in Trees, Gilmore Girls, Lost and an episode of Outer Limits featuring Kavan Smith and a beard. So... maybe around Easter. ;-)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Wanna see my desk? Click! It always looks like that. I know, I'm a freak. ;o)

Along with the ironing board I'd also have a normal life with a normal sleeping and eating rhythm. I had that for the last week and it felt really nice. So I'm working on making that happen.

If you find a way to achive a healthy sleeping rhythm, please let me know. I'm workig on that since my early teenage days, but I'm a afraid I'm too much of a night person. And when I get one of my stupid pain attacks, I'm very much done with anything even close to a regular rhythm.

I hope your toe is getting better. Which one is it?

Purslane hat gesagt…

Oh my, you really have a clean and well-ordered desk! Mine was crammed with stuff until yesterday but I love the clarity that it has now. I tend to think it helps me think clearer if everything around me is not that chaotic. So I'll try to get rid of the chaos of the rest of this room tomorrow. I guess.

Concerning the sleeping rhythm, that backfired pretty nicely today. I wanted to get up earlier? Well, not at seven in the morning. I'm so glad I made it through this day. It's actually the getting up so late that annoys me a little. I'm aiming for nine a.m. but keep sleeping until 11 when I'm in Berlin. There seems not to be too much point in getting up earlier here somehow. At home my dog will kick me out of the bed at some point. Here there is hardly anyhing to get up for. And I like staying up late into the night so much. Actually as soon as it got dark today I started to wake up despite my lack of sleep.

And its the big toe on the left. It is getting better, still hurts a little but the swelling is going away and I can bend it better already. Again, I'm glad I made it through the day. ;-)