Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2008

"Call it a rope!"

What happens if you finally go watch Indiana Jones and they are showing a preview of Sex and the City the same night? Yes. You end up in the cinema with a lot of guys. The row I was sitting in? Guys only. And a couple of girlfriends who didn't get tickets to Sex and the City tagged along.

Warning: slight spoilers ahead!

Anyways, loved the film and laughed my heads off. The storage facility! The fridge! The sword sticking to the box! The snake called rope! If you want to be a good archeologist you have to get out of the library! And Marion! :D Awwww. I was kinda the lonely 'Squeeee!' at the wedding scene with all the raging testosterone around me, but it didn't matter. I also didn't think the alien topic was too far out. I mean the idea of aliens having inspired the greatness of ancient cultures isn't that new, novel, or far out, so why not use it? And finally: I am not so much a fan of longish action sequences. Sometimes I am kinda glad when they get the fighting bit over with and I can go on and watch the movie. Here I loved every bit of the fighting. It was interesting to watch and it was funny. So thumbs up all the way for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Chrystal Skull.