Dienstag, 20. Mai 2008

A maiden and a dwarf. Yeah, right.

That was one of the answers for the test that I wrote today and I got it right. Of course that one stuck in my head. Lancelot sends a maiden to Arthur as messenger and she is accompanied by a dwarf because that is the custom for a maiden on such a journey.

Yeah, right.

Well, I made it to class although I felt rather dizzy, and by now I also have normal symptoms of the cold that I have caught other than feeling like crap and having my knees buckle under me. I know, people who get the usual cold with sneezing and coughing would probably say: "Geez, be glad! You don't use up billions of handkerchiefs and can sleep through the night because you don't cough." I say I find it creepy if my body tells me to lie down but gives no specific reasons. But enough of whining and complaining. Let's get to drinking (tea, people, just tea) and sleeping.