Samstag, 24. Mai 2008

Reality Check please.

I would like to state two things. First of all here I am, I who have been sick for the last three days, but since I came here I have been doing things. I took the dog for a walk, I worked in the garden, I carried stones around, I cut the grass... I have been doing things. And, okay, I don't feel that brilliant, but not half as sick as yesterday in class. Could it be that I have city-related motion sickness?

Secondly I think I will need a second job for the summer months. To quote Centi: A heartfelt "Arschoffen?" to my employers. I know, there is not much work during the summer months, but WTH did you hire new workers then? Anyways, if I had a car I'd work at VW Werk in July, and that would solve my financial problems for at least four months. Apart from that there would be no need for me to stay in Berlin. Win-win. Unfortunately I don't have a car. But I might check for summer jobs around here none the less. The less I am in the city the better it seems to be for me.

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amanda james hat gesagt…

seems you got your workdates then...and yes "arschoffen" is the phrase everyone was using yesterday...