Montag, 19. Mai 2008

Uch. Great.

Work got cancelled for me today which means that I have more time to study today, but that I'll also have less money to spend on such unimportant things like food next month. Thank you. Thank you very much. Still I'm toying with the idea to go out and do some clothes shopping. I know, it is kinda stupid with me not havin any money anyway, but I need a new blouse anyway and there were some nice shirts that I really liked and that doesn't happen that often. Still, pissing me off.

BTW, yesterday's positiveness turned into I'm-not-in-the-mood-ness as I already mentioned, but I already reviewed the next part of the drama poem. So, beware, I'm on my way. Well, first on my way to get new clothes (I even already decided which mall I'm gonna haunt) but then on my way to line 3000. Later today.