Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2008

Revamping and a note on the book list

I felt like a new colour scheme and this picture immediatly struck a chord. So, I'm still not perfectly happy with the background colour. I really like it, but it's rather dark, so that the dark text may be a bit difficult to read, but light text isn't much better. To make certain changes I'd also have to mess around with the script because at the moment seperate link colour for the sidebar is not possible. But I really like the altrosa, as you call it in German.

So the booklist: I haven't updated that in a while, so a note on things: McEwan is so out of it for me. I didn't manage more than ninety pages of Saturday, and I will not pick it up again. All the time I thought "I won't get back the time I spend reading this [euphemism]lengthy[/euphemism] book". So I picked up North and South. It took quite a while to read it but it was very much worth it. Really really good. Although I found the ending scene not the perfect beautiful ending that the tv series has. But a footnote says Gaskell wasn't too happy with her ending either.

So, then after that rather difficult classic I thought I'd get some easy summer reading. I couldn't find the Harry Potter section at the book shop so I settled on Nicholas Sparks' Message in a Bottle. Big mistake. One of the worst books I ever read. The story is just so simple that it is boring. And it is told in an extremely boring fashion. I've seen better writing in fanfiction. And what bugged me most: the main character set work before what she herself called the love of her life. She claimed to be lonely, to want someone special in her life, and then she wasn't willing to change her own life a single bit. That just felt so all sorts of wrong for me, that reading hurt.

So I figured out a bit of different summer reading would be better. Something with the sea in it and a journey but with better writing. So here I am with my first Melville. (Second choice would have been The Seawolf by Jack London, but I read that once already. Third choice is "Ferien auf Saltkrokan" by Astrid Lindgren, a book I didn't like too much, wehn I was a kid, but which I have come to love.) I read Sun Tzu in between because it is really short and I needed some reading on the train.

BTW, Germany just won against Turkey. FINAAAAALEEEEE Ohhhohhhhhh, FINAAAALEEEE Ohhohhhhohhohhhh. The whole city just lit up with fireworks, it looks like a very warm New Year's Eve with a beautiful sunset out there.

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amanda james hat gesagt…

i like it.yes i do.;-)

Purslane hat gesagt…

The nice sort of pink. *smirk*