Dienstag, 3. Juni 2008

T- four days

So four days left till I go home next week. Four days to go to class, work, and get birthday presents. A haircut might be good, too, but it's so freaking hot, I don't want to go outside if I don't have too. And considering the hot weather: don't you dare change before I have a chance to jump into the pool at home. I haven't been in a pool in years. And I want to! Made myself clear weather? Yes? Good.

Yeah, birthday presents. We'll go shopping for quest number one today. Actually I wanted to go to Kung Fu practice after class but I think I will faint if I workout in that room. So not this week. I got a Friday off work, when I come back, so I can go then. Apart from that I need to get my B.A. degree and the other stuff scanned, so I can apply for jobs online. Sorting out all the tax issues for this kind off stuff will be lovely. *rollseyes* But necessary. I can't be lazing around for the rest of the semester as I am now, because I'm getting bored in these four walls.

And for all of you who haven't done that yet: check out the Bathroom Sessions by the Barenaked Ladies on Youtube. Perfect soundtrack for this weather.

Some day I will find the secret
To your social chemistry
Then I'll print it on a t-shirt
And it'll make you want to be with me
If I wear it past your work
You'll see other guys are jerks
Much like pheromones for flies
You will not avoid my eyes

From Some Fantastic.