Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2008

T - two days...

... and the quest for birthday presents is completed. Two of them are sent straight home, the others I'll have to carry. So all that's left to do is transfer stuff onto the laptop, clean up the place and start putting things on the couch that I'll need to pack.

BTW, could anyone kick me please? I went to Hugendubel to get presents, and brought two presents for me: Indiana Jones and Batman. I went there yesterday once more and came out this time with presents, but also with another DVD and a book because I need summer reading. Nicholas Sparks by the way, because I couldn't find the Harry Potter section. Erm something went seriously wrong and could stores stop throwing things that I've always wanted at me at good prices when I have absolutely no money to spare? That would be nice indeed. Anyways: Indy! :D Batman! :D