Sonntag, 6. Juli 2008

Alone again, naturally.

I'm referring to the Doctor, not me. (There wouldn't be an 'again' in the phrase if it was about me.) Warning, spoilers ahead: So it finally was saturday, but I had to wait until today to watch 'Journey's End'. And I never saw a cliffhanger resolved so fast. *gg* Luckily. And seriously, why would he wanna change?

Apart from that, I think several fangirly dreams came true with this episode. I mean, two doctors? And one of them naked? Hello? The scene on Bad Wolf Bay was at the same time the most beautiful and the saddest. And I love that kinda stuff. Rose gets her own doctor, but at the same time the Doctor must watch and leave. And Donna? Awwwwww.

And I can't really think straight yet, I have a terrible cold and I think I could use a doctor myself now. ;-)