Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2008

And that's it.

I forgot how hard it can be to sit down for two hours and write an exam. Well that's what I did, and apart from another class on Friday (and the four papers I have to write) my semester is over. Four papers. Uhhhh.

Because the weather is so bad today I couldn't resist borrowing another DVD. I've already been watching so many films this week, people already asked me how I could watch so much. Well, I have a very comfy chair. So today: The Golden Compass, because outside it looks like there should be tea and candles and woolen socks and fantasy movies inside.

BTW, the shaggable quote... I think that is from some fanfiction. Although I still have to find out from which one.

2 Kommentare:

Morri hat gesagt…

You wanna know where you got a bawdy quote from? ask morri... ;-)
It's a domlijah-FF called "sprouting wings" and here it is:

by the way, I just read that list and I'm shocked that you haven't seen atonement! apart from that one person (#69) my list would be exactly the same. maybe it's a good thing we live so far apart from each other after all ;-)

Purslane hat gesagt…

I was still wondering which FF it was. I only remembered that it was Domlijah related. Of course you as queen know such things. *ggg* 'Knock away.' Bwack. *gigglesnort*

As for the list... well, we are only two and the list has 164 names on it. I think we would not quarrel too much. And since I had to read Saturday I avoid everything McEwan-related. I guess I'll keep that up until at least next month, and then I'll go and get the film. ;)