Freitag, 11. Juli 2008

Tolkien is a genius!

But I think we all knew that already, right? Anyways, this was my day of six hours classes almost without a break, and four o fhtese hours devoted to discussing Tolkien's essay "The monsters and the critics". I had read that one a while back already, but discussing it after we had discussed so many different aspects in class was a very interesting an d a lot of fun. And I didn't fall asleep, although I hadn't slept much last night.

So after that I went home, had twenty minutes to drink some coffee, and then I ran off to work again. Through the bloody rain. A lovely twelve hour day. When did this become such a hard thing to do? I want the old times back, when I didn't feel completely done after a day like this and would go on partying for three hours. Then again, maybe those times never existed anyway. Funny thing, I even was invited to a party today, and although I'm not a party person this one was tempting, but work was in the way anyway. So.

BTW, that icon up there decorates my folder for last year's Hamlet class. Always makes me laugh when I look at it. And tomorrow: my brother and my sister-in-law come for a visit, I get fresh food and fruit, and I go to work.

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