Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2008

Berowne and Hamlet

"There was a moment in the beginning of the play when he tossed a straw hat from his head onto a short, protruding tree branch. The hat landed on the branch and stayed there without a hitch. The audience erupted into enthusiastic applause. Then, David broke character for a moment, flashing us a cheeky grin and saying "every time."" Source

Liar! Every time my ass! We just laughed our heads off because he missed. *gg*

I'm back from Stratford and extensive blog entries with all the madness will follow as soon as I can get my hands on Els and Hoppis pictures. Until then I'll enjoy my new Doctor Who Season 2 DVD Box and Blackpool, and miss Stratford, English breakfast (never thought I'd say that), and my fellow travellers. And that poster is going to end up above my telly.

EDIT: Oh, I'm talking about David Tennant in case you haven't noticed. Just to make sure. *gg*