Dienstag, 27. Januar 2009

The blog that was.

Someone asked me a while back about my old blog, I mean my really old blog, so I thought I'd try and dig it up again. I googled for a couple of minutes until I realised that Ninchens blog was probably easier to find because of her name. And I didn't even know the blog provider anymore or the name I had used for the blog.

Well, the provider was Blurty, and here actually is the blog. I recommend reading the 2004 entries, they are just hilarious. And if you ever needed a Quizzilla-quiz-collection, this blog is the place to go to. Thinking back, I actually still love to think about the time back then. It was difficult, and it was awfully frustrating, and it was horrible at times, but it was also full of nights that I stayed awake until dawn, talking to friends, watching films and having a cigarette while I was watching the sunrise before going to bed. I like the person that I was back then, because I felt so awfully comfortable with myself. I thought about so many things and I realized so many things and I processed so many things. Okay, I also killed three bottles of redwine and three packs of cigarrettes a week, but I felt good. I know that coming to Berlin was the right decision, but actually the half year before I came here, the time between making the decision and then figuring out, how to actually do it, I think that was the best time of my life.

So I quote myself: "Conclusion: None of these habits is something that I regret. Not even the smoking. They are part of me, of what I am. And I'm proud of them. And it's fucking amazing how good you can actually feel when you are at the bottom, not knowing what to do with your life or how to do anything with your life, or if it's even possible to do anything with your life. Life is great anyway, maybe a useless waste of energy, but great anyway."

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Morri hat gesagt…

someone? ;-)

love the icon!

Purslane hat gesagt…

:-) Back to the future is just soooo cool.

And I still haven't gotten around to answering that PM you sent me a while back. :durchgeknallt: